Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism played in the background of countless decade-old milestones around the world, especially the ones involving first kisses and so forth, and it’s no wonder. The album, and its epic title song in particular, played on an endless loop across popular culture — on movie soundtracks and in dramatic moments from such TV shows as Six Feet Under. The way singer Ben Gibbard channeled youthful confusion, vulnerability and sweetness mirrored universal fumbling feelings of growing up and facing down the complexities of love, heartbreak, long-distance yearning and budding nostalgia. From the first line of its first song (“So this is the new year / and I don’t feel any different”), Transatlanticism swims in uncertainty, as if its narrator isn’t even quite sure how feelings work yet. (via missssilva)

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Hey @ local funeral directors …do you think you could arrange a nice mahogany casket for my small funeral….maybe invite a few friends and maybe my Babu…..thanks :)

The Strokes.

Stop makin’ the eyes at me I’ll stop making the eyes at you.  

Just found an Is This It golden record in the basement of the radio station I work at *hallelujah sounds* guys it’s so shiny and beautiful in real life